The Adventures of Baron Munchhausen The Hare With Eight Legs

Yes, wonderful things happened to me in Russia. One day I was following an unusual rabbit. The rabbit was very fast. Running and running, if only he could take a break…

I ran after him for two days without getting off my horse, but I couldn’t reach him.

My faithful dog, Dianka, was not a step away from the rabbit, but I could not approach him even a space of a ball.

On the third day, however, I was able to hit the damn rabbit. As soon as it fell on the grass, I jumped off the horse and started looking at him.

I was surprised  when I saw that the rabbit had four legs on his stomach and four legs on his back.

Yes, he had wonderful strong legs on his back. When his lower legs were tired, he turned on his back, his belly up and his legs still running.

No wonder I ran after him like crazy for three days!


Write down all the verbs from the text. Write the Present and Past tenses of the verbs

Learn the Irregular verbs in red by heart

can-could (modal verb)

be, was/were/been

is, am-was  I am-I was, he is-he was

are-were We are-We were

to run- վազել-ran

to jump-ցատկել-started

to be able to do something-Ի վիճակի լինել ինչ որ բան անելու / was/were able to do something

to jump off-ցատկել-jumped off

to start – սկսել-started

to be tired-հոգնած լինել-were tired

to turn-թեքվել-turned

to have, (has)-ունենալ-had

to run after-վազել ետևից-ran after


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