My house

Hello I am Areg. I live in Yerevan in a flat.

We have a kitchen, a living room, a bathroom and 3 bedrooms.

I have a wardrobe and two beds in my bedroom.

In our kitchen we have a fridge, a wash machine, an oven, a table and chairs.

In the living room we have a sofa, two armchairs, TV, a table, bookshelves and pictures on the walls.

In my parents bedroom there is a bed, a wardrobe, a desk and bookshelves.

My school

Hello I am Areg. I study in Mkhitar Sebastsi educational complex in North school. We have many interesting things that other schools don’t have, for example: we have clay classes, we are study on computers, we have a kinder garden in our school. I study in this school because we have interesting trips, our teachers teaches us very well, we also have interesting projects in our educational program.

A letter to my friend

Dear Daniel,

My name is Areg. I am from Yerevan, Armenia.

I am ten. I have big family: a father, a mother, a sister, a grandma, and grand grandma. My sister’s name is Nane. She is thirteen. We are pupils. We study at Mkhitar Sebastaci education complex.

I have got many pets: a hamster, a turtle, fish, and two parrots.

Please write me about you.




Child- Children like to eat bread.

Bus- Bus is going to school.

Cherry- Cherry falls on the grass.

Man- Man is going to the train station.

Glass- I broke the glass.

House- My house needs general cleaning.

Apple- I like to eat apples.

Box- There is a book in the box.

Baby- The baby is crying.

Ball- I like to play with a ball.

Tomato- Ketchup is made from tomato.

Parrot- I have a beautiful parrot.

Dish- I’m eating Italian dish.

Sheep- Sheep wool is very warm.

Melon- I like to eat a melon.

Armchair-My grandma is sitting in the armchair.

Woman- I see a woman with a child.

City- I am moving to another city.

Hamlet. William Shakespeare

Many years ago in Denmark there was a prince called
One day Hamlet’s father, the king, dies suddenly and
Hamlet is very sad.
After this Hamlet’s mother, Gertrude, gets married again
very quickly. She marries her husband’s brother,
Claudius, and Claudius is now the king!
“Aargh! How could you do this to me!”
One night Hamlet’s friend, Horatio, tells him that there is a ghost in the castle. It is
the ghost of Hamlet’s father!
“Claudius killed me with poison! Hamlet, you must punish Claudius for me!”
Hamlet is confused. He doesn’t know if he believes the ghost and he doesn’t know
what to do.
Hamlet now acts very strangely. He is mean and angry, and he upsets his
girlfriend, Ophelia.
“Go away! Leave me alone!”
“Oh, he is so mean!”
One day a group of actors come to the castle and Hamlet makes a plan. He asks
the actors to change their play. The new play will show a king poisoned like
Hamlet’s father.
“With this play I will catch the king.”
When Claudius watches the play he looks very worried and runs away. Hamlet
sees him and he knows the truth.
Claudius is very worried about Hamlet now and makes a plan with Ophelia’s
brother, Laertes.
“You will fight him and we will put poison on the sword and in his drink too.”
Laertes and Hamlet fight. Laertes cuts Hamlet, but in the fight Hamlet takes
Laertes’ sword and cuts him with it too!
“Here, Hamlet, drink this.”

Complete the sentences to retell the story in your own words. Play the matching
game under the video first to help you!

a. Hamlet’s father dies and his mother gets married again to Claudius.
b. The ghost of Hamlet’s father tells Hamlet that killed with poison.
c. Hamlet asks some actors to perform a play showing his father’s death.
d. Claudius runs away from the play so Hamlet knows he killed his father.
e. Claudius and Laertes make a plan to kill Hamlet with poison in sword.
f. Hamlet and Laertes cut each other with poisoned sword.
g. Hamlet’s mother drinks poison.
h. Hamlet cuts Claudius with the poisoned sword and dies.