I have got a sister. Her name is Nane. My sister is not a sportsman but she likes sports very much. Nane is not a swimmer but she can swim very well.

She goes to shooting classes every Monday and Tuesday.


I can, I can’t

Modals – can and can’t

  1. Where does it go? Find the activities and write them in the correct boxes.

I know lots of sports. I can swim and I can play football. I can play basketball too because we are learning at school! But I can’t play baseball. We don’t have baseball lessons at my school. What else can I do? Well, I can’t speak German or French but I can speak English of course!

Things I can do. Things I can’t do.
Swim Play football Play basketball Speak English   Play baseball Speak German or French

We can use can and can’t to talk about abilities in the present.

  • Make it right!

Find the mistake, underline it and write the correct word.

a. I can swimming. ____swim________

b. She cans ride a bike. _______can____________

c. Can you to play cricket? ________play__________

d. He not can speak English. _________can’t__________

e. Can swim they fast? _________can they__________

 f. She can’t ate 20 cakes! ________eat___________

g. He can to cook dinner. _________cook__________

 3. Make sentences!

Make sentences which are true for you. Write two extra sentences with your own ideas!

a. speak English: I can speak English.

b. drive a car: I can’t drive a car.

c. swim: I can swim.  

d. play tennis: I can play tennis.

e. ride a bike: I can ride a bike.

f. play chess: I can play chess.

g. make a cake: I can’t make a cake.

h. I can play football.

i.  I can’t speak German.



Допишите окончания прилагательных

Любовь (какая?) материнская, отцовская

Сок (какой?) свежий, апельсиновый, томатный, ананасовый

Одежда (какая?) зимняя, детская, подростковая.

Дом (какой?) кирпичный, каменный, деревянный, соломенный.

Домашнее задание

  1. Определите род существительных:

Туча, небо, гром. 

Мужской род Чей? (мой) Средний род Чьё? (моё) Женский род Чья? (моя)
              гром небо Туча

 Добавьте окончание. 

Осень (какая?) печальная, дождливая, хмурая, солнечная. 

Ветер (какой?) сильный, штормовой, ураганный, пронизывающий, лёгкий, холодный, тёплый.