Degree of Comparison

Give degrees of com­par­i­son of the fol­low­ing adjectives:
Small – smaller – smallest; young – younger – youngest; thin – thinner – thinnest; tall – taller – tallest; fine – finer – finest; straight – straighter – straightest; few – fewer – fewest; easy – easier – easiest; busy – busier – busiest; thick – thicker – thickest; dirty – dirtier – dirtiest; good – better – best; much – more – most; new – newer – newest;  bad – worse -worst; lit­tle – less – least; many – more – most; mod­ern – more modern – most modern; rea­son­able – more reasonable – most reasonable; dear – dear­er – dearest; good- better – best; important – more important – most impor­tant; high – higher – highest; cheap – cheaper – cheap­est; light – lighter – lightest; more polite.

Answer the questions:

Which is longer: an hour or a minute? An hour is longer than minute.

Which is high­er: a moun­tain or a hill? A mountain is higher than a hill.

Which is big­ger: a ship or a car? A ship is bigger than a car.
Which is longer: a sea or a river? A river is longer than a sea.

Which is more dif­fi­cult: to go on foot or to go by train? To go on foot is more difficult than to go by train.

Open the brackets:

Feb­ru­ary is colder than January.

John Anders is older than me.

Lake Baikal is deeper than this lake.

Peter is taller than Mike.

Our flat is more com­fort­able than yours.

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