Homework 18.01.2021

Betty Brown was five years old, and her mother wanted her to begin going to
school, because she wanted to start working in an office again.
A month before the beginning of the school year Mrs. Brown began telling
Betty about school. ‘It’s very nice,’ she said. ‘You’ll play games and paint pictures
and sing songs.’
Mrs. Brown began doing these things with Betty. Betty liked the games and
the painting and the singing very much, but she always wanted to be near her
mother, so Mrs. Brown was rather afraid and thought, ‘What will she do when I
leave her at school?’
But on the first day at school Betty was very good. She did not cry, and she
was happy.
On the second morning Mrs. Brown said, ‘Put your clothes on, Betty. I’m
going to take you to school in half an hour’s time.’
‘School?’ Betty said. ‘But I’ve been to school!’

A. Answer these questions.

  1. Why did Mrs. Brown want to send her daughter to school? She wanted to work.
  2. What did Mrs. Brown do to make Betty like school? She said that Betty will play games and sing songs.
  3. Why was Mrs. Brown afraid? Betty always wanted to be near her mother.
  4. Did Betty like school when she went there? Yes, she liked.
  5. Why was Betty surprised when her mother said, ‘I’m going to
    take you to school in half an hour’s time on the second morning? Because she thought, that she have been to school.

B. What words in the story on page 16 mean the opposite of:

  • 1. nasty – nice
  • 2. bad – good
  • 3. after – before
  • 4. young – old
  • 5. sad – happy
  • 6. little – big
  • 7. far from – near

C. Write this story. Put one of these words in each empty place:
do does doing make makes making
Our children don’t make much homework, but they are making a lot of work in
school. My son George likes making furniture and things like that more than doing
lessons. He sometimes makes nice chairs out of old boxes in his class. He
and his friends do a lot of noise while they are working, of course.
George is good at sport: he does the high jump very well. Such sport makes
children a lot of good, I think. Don’t you?

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